Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So well `protected'[shepherded is more likely the word] are children today that they rarely have an opportunity to develop their sense of adventure and courage. For the past three decades I have been working with children to this end and for the past five decades I have been living a life of adventure & courage. AND I WONDER who will provide this education which is the essence of being human.

Slowly but steadily our children are becoming more and more helpless in adverse situations - preparing them early on is a must. At 13 years when I first traversed the snow bound pass of ROHTANG in the Himalayas - I promised to myself that when I grew older I would provide this opportunity to my children. The hundreds of treks, hill climbs and village camps that I conducted after becoming a father are a testimony to my unshakable belief that adventure and courage should be nurtured in younger children.

Few parents realise this - at enormous cost to the healthy development of the children. Sadly most of the children miss out on this real education. A harshly competitive world can be faced only by slowly developing the spirit of adventure and courage. And I shall continue this endeavor of mine for I know I am right.

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