Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Never mind the impossibility of the task - I shall walk one step at a time. India shall see my experiment of SELF SUSTAINING SPORTS EDUCATION PROGRAMME incorporated in the educational system of a large school.

A unit of ten children will be mentored by a 7th standard student [FULLY TRAINED FOR THIS ROLE]. A group of ten units [100 students] would be mentored by a 10th standard student [FULLY TRAINED FOR THIS ROLE]. FORTY FOUR GROUP INCHARGES will provide SPORTS EDUCATION to 4400 students. FOUR SPORTS COMMANDERS [SENIOR VOLUNTEERS - EITHER TEACHERS OR EX-STUDENTS OR PROFESSIONAL COACHES OR ? ?]will control ELEVEN GROUPS [1100 students]. The number taken by me is for a specific school in Bangalore. This can be varied according to our choice.

DEVELOPING HAND AND EYE CO-ORDINATION from early child-hood through various fun games. The brighter ones are put on tougher variables. The brightest are pushed to highest levels. Competitions are regularly held to ensure sustained interest.

THE SKIPPING ROPE REVOLUTION - A simple skipping rope can provide endless joy and very high level of fitness. I have seen more than ONE HUNDRED different drills done with the skipping rope. This can be substituted by other materials - small or big balls, rings, batons etc to create enhanced interest.

THE GAMES PERIOD - Proper allocation of at least ONE GAMES PERIOD every day FOR EVERY CHILD in which specific skill enhancement is to be done. This can be complimented by providing weekend activities for different groups at different times. Those who are seriously interested in pursuing for competitive level - they can use extra time on Sundays or holidays.

CHILD DRIVEN PROGRAMME - When a child enjoys the games period - the learning will be enhanced. Initial teething problems must be squarely sorted out. A change in the mindset THAT IT CAN BE DONE must be driven home.

THE ACADEMIC TEACHERS must understand the SPORTS EDUCATION PROGRAMME because without their support it will not succeed. They must be made to understand that SPORTS enhances intelligence and increases focus.

REGULAR EXERCISE would give enormous benefits to the health of the children and we may yet see PARENTS DEMANDING SPORTS FOR THEIR CHILDREN.

These are very sketchy details. An elaborate project report which will mention the minutest details would be prepared very shortly for receiving FEEDBACK and INPUTS.

IF THE MIND IS WILLING THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. I had once conducted an enthralling basketball learning programme for 1300 children. Only recently I conducted a THREE DAY basketball learning programme at J.N.V. LEPAKSHI for 600 students. THIS CAN BE REPLICATED FOR ANY GAME - and by having variety of games - the children have a choice to adopt the game they love.

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