Saturday, June 16, 2012


It has been quite some time - I wrote on this blog. POETRY hogs all my thinking - reminiscing time. But the few months that have just passed by - in my life - deserve this. OFTEN we have favourites in a group - people whom we give more attention than usual. We nurture them in the hope that when the time comes - they will stand by us. We ignore their faults and weaknesses - expecting a similar behaviour when we are down and out. Often that is the case - but sometimes, something much more devastating takes place. Pampered by our overbearing love they start thinking that THEY ARE INDISPENSABLE - and a sense of `indifference' builds up in them. Familiarity breeds contempt. And the more we try to - get their attention - the more farther they go away from us. The expectation that they should BE WITH US in our time of need - becomes greater and greater. This, in turn, suffocates their space and they develop a dislike - which may later go on to become hatred. It is at such times - WE MUST LET GO. There is no other way. If they genuinely care for you - THEY WILL COME BACK - sooner or later. Otherwise it is wiser to let them go. Remember - you are the one to be blamed - you were the one who initiated this relationship - and you must initiate the U TURN. This is the only way you can get your self esteem back. In my life time, MORE PEOPLE went away - than those WHO CAME BACK. But the ones which came back - have lasted me forever. You too will get your share. JUST WAIT!

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