Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have set out on `missions impossible' hundreds of times. For me, my pursuits are too pristine to be given away - as my pursuits evolve I too evolve. Those who fit into this evolving stay others just drift away. That's why I have been a loner most of the time.

Yet there are many who have stayed on me for years and years - in the hope or maybe their belief that it would be better to stay then drift away. My responsibility to them has grown proportionate to the length they have been with me. For them, if I were to delegate any authority to anyone, it would be catastrophic. Good or bad, their desire to stay put is my greatest happiness - in a way it makes me feel important.

As I set out to re-write the SPORTS HISTORY of this country - my fellow travellers look after me fondly - they worry too! But then the gigantic task that I have taken upon me must be `ONLY ME - NO ONE ELSE'.

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