Sunday, November 16, 2008


Do you know what fear is? Fear is when you ask a 9 year old Deepu to take 20 children of 9-12 years IN HEAVY RAIN down the slippery slopes of Savandurga - when at that same time you are trying to climb up an impossible cliff to bring down two frightened girls. Having lived such a fear can I then fear??

Fear is when you are training rookies for aggressive `fast brake' basketball; one who breaks out in a gallop going for a very fast lay-up is followed by another by just half a step - AND YOU PRAY that one at the back doesn't mistakenly trip the one in the front - or give a friendly shove into the RCC pillar of the shooting post.

Fear is when you look back at your 53 years' of life and wonder how you survived and having survived - been able to maintain your sanity in this chaotic world.

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