Sunday, November 16, 2008


How can I make myself happier? What are the goals that, if achieved, would give a meaning to my life. What could be my self actualization? I, by myself, can be happy in any circumstance. No amount of adversity can take this `zest' of life from me. The zeal, to live, to enjoy what LIVING dishes out - is a primal urge.

However, I can be happier by `righting' whatever wrongs I see specailly among children. Of course, by what yardstick I am to judge and who has given me this right - is a sobering thought.

To set them on their way - maybe act as a beacon for these `youngsters' could be my ultimate aspiration. A justified self obituary could be - HERE LIES a struggling man who lived a simple life - sharing and caring for the child's joys; in pursuit of excellence in everything he did;didn't match enough in his familys' needs but lived and drank the nectar of life in a fast lane.

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