Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Let there be no lights in the darkness - they sting my eyes. Let there be no darkness in the bright day - it wounds my soul!

When all around me there is pervasive ignorance what shall I do with my little lamp of knowledge. The howling winds will blow off this light in a fraction of a second if I step out - yet the possibility that I may get another unlit lamp [safely cocooned from these winds] is so tempting.

Within my own mind there is this all inclusive brightness and there isn't any nano space in which a shadow could reside. So be it!

What is - will be! What can't be - shan't be!

Life's vibrancy must co-exist with the immortality of non-life. Both EXIST! The living must take from the non-living to exist and the dead must rejoin in the chain of non-living. Here there are no choices - life is but only a journey.

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