Sunday, March 1, 2009


During basketball camps - I often invite children for theory classes. One of my favorite question is WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BECOME? And, of course, the usual answers are Engineer, Doctor, Teacher- some exceptions are like Police & Military etc. It is then I explain to them the power of focussing `early in their lives' to achieve their goals.

In one of the sessions I told them that THEY CAN EVEN BECOME PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. Destinies are shaped by will power and nothing that they wish is impossible.

A few days later, while we were relaxing, after having conducted a basketball tournament - I turned to Madhushri and asked Madhu what do you want to be - pat came the answer I WILL BECOME THE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. This tiny girl said this - holding my gaze all the while - with a seriousness that was amazing. I have no doubt, she will become what she wants to be. This girl who sings IDHEY BHAVYA NAM BHARAT DESHA with a resonance that makes me hear this song again and again.

HOW MANY MORE PRIME MINSTER ASPRIANTS WILL I CREATE? Sumpoorna nurtures us as nothing else does. The battlelines are drawn up - the soldiers are ready - VICTORY IS ASSURED.

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