Monday, June 1, 2009


On 31st May, 2009 we set out for Siddarbetta from SUMPOORNA campus. Eleven of us climbed the hill within an hour. The summit of Siddarbetta is awesome. You are on top of the world. The newly painted Anjaneya temple in the sumpoorna campus was clearly visible. Rehan climbed a boulder and challenged me to do it. OF COURSE, I made a fool of myself - I couldn't.

We had a small meditational experience near a lake. We called the place as CITY OF BIRDS - so many of them; quarreling with each other - the way children and people in cities do. The difference, however, was the sweet chirping sounds. The advantage of working with younger children is - YOU CAN GET THEM TO DO THINGS TOGETHER. Among senior children there is always a `peer group' creating small irritants.

After lunch, no one was in a hurry to get to home. But we finally left at 2-45p.m. and I made a resolve that one day in the near future we should stay the night on top of Siddarbetta. Didn't I make the same resolve for Makalidurga a month ago? Did I not make the same resolve twenty years ago for Savandurga. I THINK ITS' TIME TO DO IT.

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