Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A sudden change in the attitude of your child. Her moves are excited - a `tournament' has been announced and`she' [your eye's jewel]is in the team. All other things are ignored, a new focus has come. Being included in the team means becoming `elite'. DOES IT MOVE YOU?

The match uniform comes - she tries wearing it at every opportunity and the mirror suddenly has a different meaning. The look on her friends' faces when they see her in the uniform - its' like being a `world champion' already. Suddenly becoming Martina Navratilova or P T Usha doesn't seem all that difficult. DOES IT MOVE YOU?

The match day comes - you are forced to cancel so many things or you don't get involved at all. Her beaming face - the mock action of `shooting baskets' in the dining hall - you wonder what's happened. DOES IT MOVE YOU?

In the evening you come home - you see her gloomy look - the uniform discarded on one side - you know their team has lost. There is an accusation in her eyes. You weren't there to cheer her when she needed you the most. DOES IT MOVE YOU?

Luckily another `match' would come along and she will forget her loss and next time when she `wins' her match and talks about it endlessly. DOES IT MOVE YOU?

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