Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Sometimes we think we can get away with murder. You are right - the only thing we don't realize is this - THAT WE MURDER OUR OWN!

On one of my journies across rural areas - I came across an old man planting some trees on the roadside. I asked him what was the point in planting trees on the road since it will not fetch him any income and also as he was old - will he live long enough to eat its fruits. I KNOW ALL OF YOU WILL JUMP KNOWING `what answer he gave'. We have read the story many times - but DO WE REALLY UNDERSTAND?

His answer is - What I plant today is for my children and grandchildren - the way my grandfather planted trees for me. NOW - read this carefully : WHAT I DO TODAY - impacts the future of my children. Read it once again - and once more! Read it in your mind every time YOU DO SOMETHING. And, of course, when you realize that everything you do today will impact the future of your child - YOUR ACTIONS will slowly undergo a change.

From laughing at the old man - I now see him as one of my greatest teachers ever! I plant `thoughts' in my basketball students of WHAT THEY CAN BE! I know the future of my students is assured for they know WHAT THEY OUGHT TO KNOW!

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