Friday, December 25, 2009


I remember the day I held your arms and swung you round and round. The heavens were watching in amazement - the time had stood still! I had the power in my arms - and you were smitten by this swinging round and round just connected by the joints of our hands. You and your friends came clamouring for more and more. AND THEN ALL OF YOU STARTED SWINGING EACH OTHER - it was something I will never forget. Who was swinging whom, it didn't matter. Everyone wanted to be swung and everyone wanted to swing some one.

It had all started spontaneously. I remember my uncle doing it to me when I was just five years. I remember doing it to my younger sister - and as I grew up I was doing it with my younger students and NOW IT WAS YOU!

AND NOW I HEAR THAT YOU HAVE GROWN UP! You have grown up. And I have grown older. Even if I want to swing you - WOULD YOU LET ME? Or rather, WILL I HAVE THE POWER TO SWING YOU? An act of joy that you and I shared - may not be possible. It is not possible for you NOT TO GROW UP and it is not possible for me not to grow older.

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