Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have been using diplomatic words - words that lacked the ferocity of my thinking - hoping that you would understand. Since you refuse to - let me ask you to cut the bullshit. I have had enough! You violate the rights of children to play - in the name of giving them EDUCATION. Is education really what it is supposed to do? The education which creates a zombie who is capable of getting a fat pay check.

AND WHAT IS THE CONTRIBUTION OF THIS ZOMBIE - who has sucked the blood of his parents, sucked the blood of his country through subsidised education - will accumulate material wealth for his luxuries - and expect his progenies to follow in his foot-steps. WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE - YOU ASK?

I will give you the alternatives. Our traditional knowledge is extremely important for the whole world. We have to develop a proper mind-set. The world which cures diseases has to learn that PREVENTIVE MEASURES OF AYURVEDA are much more potent. We have to learn to combine the modern with the ancient - our failure to do so is the cause of so many problems.

The world has developed a measure for success MONEY! It isn't so - as we often learn. We have to stop calling every person working with his hands a POOR MAN! Poverty has to be redefined. Govts that impoverish its citizens and then give hand-outs must be recognized for what they are - CREATING BEGGARS out of honest upright workers. It is time to cut the bullshit! I have had enough! Have you, too?

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