Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today, our children are unhealthy, have hidden diseases and injuries - which come to the forefront as soon as they enter their middle ages. The quality of life they lead is very very bad. AND IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF MIDDLE CLASS TABOOS - which rule the roost. Every child is expected to become an Engineer, Doctor or etc. etc. The only health sought is financial health - unfortunately, even that is drained by their poor health. THE PLAYGROUND IS FOR FREAKS - normal children are supposed to study and `burn the midnight oil' to get ninety plus percent marks. The golden periods of developing healthy bodies and minds is lost in the pursuit of `money'. SPORTS CULTURE doesn't exist - is not allowed to exist! A nation of coolies - CYBER COOLIES to be precise that doesn't even have the shame to accept the fact that INDIAN SPORTS has a noose around its neck. The parents, the school managements, the sports associations and the players continue to pull at it!

PARENTS are the creatures of a social system - they will accept whatever the environment around them is. Creating the environment - in which sports is held in high esteem isn't difficult. Special privileges are to be provided to the SCHOOL SPORTS TEAMS - who doesn't want to wear the HOUSE OR SCHOOL colours. And when the parents see their wards `lighted up faces' - they then are easier to educate! A sports counsellor [OH MY GOD - DON'T START CALLING YOUR P.T. TEACHER THAT!] could be a `player' or a highly motivated sports promoter who could then work with players and their parents - and maybe go a step further by interacting with the academic teachers too! I have donned the role of sports counsellor in many schools and it is exciting to see parents willing to provide permissions and facilities to their children - after having attended my sessions.

SCHOOL MANAGEMENT too have a very hazy idea of how to develop `sports education' in their schools. They think by paying a very nominal salary to a person who has done his diplomas or graduations in physical education their TASK IS OVER! Their myopic time table is the culprit which has histories and chemistries all over the day and a measly one period sneaked around lunch is the SPORTS PERIOD [this too very grudgingly allotted to fulfill the school norms. AND WHEN I LAND UP IN THEIR PLAYGROUNDS demanding the last two periods of EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK for practice - they almost faint! No, Mr. Mahajan, it is not possible! I ask them to try it out for one month - and after one month they start seeing the possibilities - the joy on the faces of the children, more parents coming to the school to ask about `team selection'. A blue-print to make India a sports giant needs school managements to stand on their toes!

SPORTS ASSOCIATIONS must take the maximum blame. The greed of being in `power' is so much that most of the officials are political animals [like many other things in our country] and it is very difficult for others to interact with them - with the result that many ex-players become full time politicians. It is not SPORTS that they are interested in - it is the GAMES that they play! The mockery of hobli level, taluk level, district level, state level and national level is seen to be believed. 99% of these matches are only for `cosmetic purpose' - completion of which is like a piligrimage to holy places. The unholy nexus of referees, officials, PT teachers has us believe that the `winners' in these levels are the best that India can produce. So what, if most of the players are friends or relatives of some politicians. Many tournaments are conducted with the sole purpose of getting some `benefits' and it brings the ugliness of Indian sports to the forth. I have seen too many - and now I don't go to any. So what is the solution!

CREATE YOUR OWN TOURNAMENTS without any bias. Bring forth the real players - create in them the discipline to excel and develop their skills on a life-time basis. Create `love of the game' without expecting jobs in Banks, Railways or other public sector outfits. Whatever small level it may be - take the first step - the students will enjoy these matches. Having seen the `suffering of my players' at the hands of `fixed' referees I refused to accept their methods. I have never been part of their system - I still refuse to - the bonus is that many coaches pick my players to win matches! The funniest thing is - EVEN MY TEN YEAR OLD can tell now when the referee is not being FAIR!

TAKING PIONEERING STEPS IS VERY HAZARDOUS - everyone gave up on me - I survived a five year wilderness `in coaching' - but now that I am back - I AM BACK with a motive. I have A BLUE-PRINT TO MAKE INDIA A SPORTS GIANT and to that end I shall strive till my last breath!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing passion for the upliftment of sports in India... hope this spirits catches on to the younger generation. Best way to put the corrupt, biased sports system that is there at present.