Friday, January 9, 2009


I am but a child of two years who has just started to walk and talk. I wonder at the great mysteies of nature - and wonder why I donot understand everything. Probably I will, as I grow older.

The realm of nature is to be experienced - no matter how many books you have read - or movies that you have seen. Unless your body brushes the trees; the soul meanders into the valleys and desires take you to lofty hills - you cannot understand the myriad shapes of nature. AND when a little understanding permeates your system a wry smile is all that remains for you suddenly realise the vastness of the task you have undertaken. Like that of a traveller who is told that the destination is just a `little further' and this `little further' makes him travel whole of the day.

The principle behind this philosophy is simple - if you know the `whole' you will be stumped in your tracks. To know little - and then go `little further' may enable you to realise your goal with ease.

My happiness lies in the fact that I have earnestly begun my journey - this job of self realisation that I have set for myself - I hope it ends in joy for everyone - those who love me and also those who don't.

I hope I can follow yester-year greats and begin the process of `path making' for the generations to come. The yearning of my ATMAN cannot be stopped for mere `mortal' comforts!

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