Monday, March 1, 2010


I have read the biographies of world champions and realize how easy it is to become one. If you START EARLY - begin when you are very very young - RETAIN YOUR FOCUS - follow a disciplined regime in your life - ALWAYS ASPIRE TO GO BEYOND - not to be satisfied with medals, cups or certificates and be a competitor to your own self.

I have been working with young children for a great number of years and many of them have succeeded to a limited extent. Some, among them, had the potential to go all the way to super stardom. That, they didn't, is because they couldn't imbibe the traits needed for that achievement. Call it fate, call it ignorance - call it by any name; yet it remains a fact that had they gone on guided properly - they could have become world champions.

I, by myself, cannot create world champions. I can only sow the seeds of such achievement. Beginning this year, I shall, focus on to a few students - who have the potential, parental support and motivate them to a journey towards world championship. I shall interact with them in such a way - so that these children
could become role models among their contemporaries and ACHIEVERS OF EXCELLENCE in a way not done before. But the first call should come from them or their parents.

Your journey of becoming a world champion can begin - call me on 98860 20145.

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