Monday, June 14, 2010


I have been subliminally conscious of the fact that sometimes we do not expect the desired results - as a matter of fact, we SURPASS OUR EXPECTATIONS. I have merely set out to give joy to children who want to play and learn basketball. But the by-products of what I am doing is SCREAMING IN MY FACE. The girl who could hardly run - RUNS LIKE A GAZELLE NOW - the boy at whom you wouldn't look twice is SHOOTING BASKETS FROM ALL OVER. And suddenly the realization dawns on me - THESE ARE NO ORDINARY CHILDREN - but even more starkly that we are no more playing basketball - WE ARE LIVING A WAY OF LIFE!

And as these two climb the ladders of success, their associates in the S.A.B.A.L programme are breathing down their necks. The changes I notice are satisfying - yet at the same time leave me shaking my head in despair. WHY DO NOT THE OTHERS UNDERSTAND AND REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A SPORTSMAN? This is the best way to ensure ENDURANCE, DISCIPLINE AND JOY for their whole life. The relationships these children develop are so healthy - the emotional sharing and caring they have for each other is so extra-ordinary YET THIS CAN BE UNDERSTOOD ONLY IF YOU ARE A FULL TIME SPORTS PERSON. Am I right?

As an examiner I am already giving them 101% - what does it matter what percentage they get in their academics. THEY ALREADY KNOW THE JOY OF LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE!
Is it not the duty of any educational system to provide an equal balance between mind and body. THE WOMB OF FUTURE IS IMPREGNATED WITH GREAT POSSIBILITIES - driving thousands and thousands of kilometers I want to reach out to the remotest of the hamlets and villages - where MY GAZELLES and MAGIC SHOOTERS are waiting for me to put up the hoop so that they can shoot! So that they can make their lay-ups, three pointers, drive-ins, screen and rolls, jump shots AND MAYBE A DUNK! So that they can put up poster of MICHAEL JORDAN or MAGIC JHONSON in their rooms and WALK TALL! Why should they be denied the fundamental right enshrined in the UNICEF RIGHTS OF CHILDREN article 7/3 which says The child shall have full opportunity for play and recreation, which should be directed to the same purposes as education; society and the public authorities shall endeavour to promote the enjoyment of this right

A healthy and joyful childhood is the foundation on which we can produce great citizens. The denial could lead to psychological manifestations which are very harmful to the society. As India re-builds its educational system - it is imperative to provide professional sports coaching - and stop giving merely lip sympathy. The future generations must be given their due and merely producing academic freaks isn't the answer. If you are a parent, a teacher or a concerned citizen - remember this, your ignorance is no reason to deny the child his joy and health. I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU - MY GAZELLE AND MAGIC SHOOTER WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU - INDIA WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU.

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lipi mukherjee said...

Thanks for the wonderful article!!!
This is the first time that I came across an article which does not have any topic in particular yet has such great appeal on social message.I am not a sports person myself but still do understand the importance of sports for the national benefit...You rightly said on Arindam's article that writing and reading blogs will not help,instead, get up and work on it. I strictly beleive in it....