Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just a few years ago, the job market went haywire - established organizations paid pea-nuts compared to the `large salaries' that new upstart companies of IT revolution paid. BPOs paid astronomical salaries for people who hardly merited a second glance as far as their qualifications were concerned.

AS THE MONEY CAME IN - AND THE JOB HOURS LEFT MENTAL AND PHYSICAL SCARS on the youth of our country - I kept thinking that something terrible had taken place. The first casualty was LOSS OF RESPECT for our elders. The very people who had financed their education and upbringing were victims of this thought `WHAT YOU COULDN'T EARN IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE-TIME- I EARN THAT MUCH IN A YEAR! This loss of respect was ignored by the victims too - for they too benefited in a `material' sense. But this benefit was short lived. The cultural heritage suffered enormously - girls could work in the nights - could stay over with friends during weekends - could `do' all that boys were doing. EQUALITY - even when not wanted.

The `peer pressure' came from all sides even though their own conscience didn't exactly agree. When all are blind, where is the necessity to see. The parents proudly told their nears and dears about the `modernization' of their children - the `imported' crazy society had finally found a way to be `FOREIGN'. Money earned was spent on artificially created desires - and in a very short time the `large' salaries started looking `small'.

The psychological make up of these zombies is bizarre. They are supposed to be the cream of our intelligentsia - YET THEY KNOW NOT THIS - WHO BENEFITS FROM THEIR WORK!
Our nation has suffered two thousand years of slavery - people had to travel to India to make them slaves. Now we go abroad to become cyber-slaves. The world's richest heritage has been torn to shreds - to be replaced by `zombies' living in concrete and glass caves.

I walked with my father to a garden near our home - with a fistful of grains to be given to ants. He explained to me that it was important to feed them because then our departed ancestors would not go hungry. IT WAS A LESSON THAT I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN.
Here, we two were trying to see that the BENEFIT OF OUR ACT reached our long dead ancestors - and I reflect this with today's culture of ME - ME - ME!

Take a litmus test. See, who benefits from your actions - you will be surprised to know that EVEN YOU YOURSELF DO NOT BENEFIT from your own actions - because you compete in a never ending rat race that has no finishing line.

You study because you want a job - you want a job because you need money - you need money because you want to live in style - you want to live in style BECAUSE YOU SEE OTHERS LIVE IN STYLE. Living in style ?????? And all the time the bar is being raised. So even when you are `reaching higher levels' - there is always another higher level. And what happens when you step off the highest point - YOU FALL TO THE BOTTOM or still worse YOU GO STRAIGHT UP!

TAKE A LITMUS TEST TODAY! ASK YOURSELF WHAT HAVE YOU RETURNED TO THE SOCIETY - which has given so much to you. What have you given to the parents that nurtured you - what have you given to the school that educated you - the friends that taught you the meaning of friendship - the locality that you grew up in - the country that gave you an opportunity to be its citizen.

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