Monday, February 22, 2010


It has been a long journey - a journey that had no set paths. It was an exploration of my inner self. It wasn't easy - it wasn't meant to be. Now even the most difficult environments give me a wry smile. NOW I CAN TAKE IT!

The knowledge that I HAVE ARRIVED is very fulfilling. The desire to `give' or `take' is also dead. I shall do WHATEVER IS MOST ESSENTIAL and I shall discard all other actions. I also have a hope that one day I will not need to do anything at all, other than just move the body and use the mind in deep introspection.

I WANTED TO LIVE FULLY - I am sure I have lived it. I shall now act the role of being SUBHASH MAHAJAN. But I won't be myself. I shall not go anywhere - it is time to be everywhere. I shall be neutral in my emotions - I shall accept no joys nor any pain.
My detachment will move towards completion. Nirvana has arrived - my urges are dead!

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