Monday, February 15, 2010


When I set out to establish India's first residential rural basketball school at SUMPOORNA - I was able to play a `ROLE MODEL' to my young children students. Now I am growing older - the students look beyond me to get inspiration. They are also growing more wiser and stronger. So I look back at my childhood and remember the KUSHTI AKAHADAS where junior and senior wrestlers use to exercise. They were the gyms during those days. And in almost all the places - the inspiring ROLE MODEL was VIR HANUMAN.

So, as most of our SUMPOORNA students have evolved very high degree of discipline - it is time to give them the ideal role model - an entity that identifies itself with traditional Indian sports as also children.

SO I GIVE YOU THIS TEMPLE OF VIR HANUMAN. May HE bless with you character, wisdom and fulfill all your dreams. That my parents are here to help install the GOD's STATUE - is a great blessing for me personally and my family. COME JOIN ME ON ANY ONE OF THE DAYS AT SUMPOORNA - 19th - 20th or 21st Feburary - AND GET BLESSED! SUBHASH MAHAJAN - 98860 20145 -

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