Thursday, July 23, 2009


As I have meandered in my `learning' or call it `education' - I have seen how we are taught to `rote repeat'- the better `rote' it is - the higher the intelligence! What a great mockery of intelligence.

Long ago, our ancestors too did this. Chanting of vedas was done to understand the environment - the purpose of our life and for uplifting mental supermacy and reach an `ananda' or moksha. But slowly the `chanting' became more important - the rituals predominated over `the real actions'. A downfall into the abyss started with no turning back.

Education should have uplifted us mentally. It should bring out the `humane' nature of humanity. But look around you - does it? Far from it - it brings out the `selfishness to possess material things' - the more you have - the more you want. The license to `loot' once you have BA or BSc - the `feeling' that you are `important' begins to grow. The chanting loses its meaning because there is no meaning.

To be human - one must `de-educate' oneself. You question every wall that is built around you - NO, YOU BREAK IT DOWN and step out - hardly anyone does that now. Clones donot have the `genes' that would allow such thinking.

Education maximises misery for the entire living world. It erodes values - it pollutes environments - it creates Frankenstein monsters who get hungrier as they feed on our bodies and minds. Education takes away our humanity - it destroys `nature of being a human'. It creates boundaries where there should be none. It creates `classes', `castes' - the very thing it set out to remove. Education is a misery that every child must suffer - so that as he or she grows - THEY SHOULD NOT BE HUMANS - BUT CLONES!

It has taken me a generation of `introspection' to `de-educate' myself. I can breathe freely now. The only persons with whom I communicate are `new born infants' - I have one at home now, MY GRANDSON - AND I SEE HOW HE IS BEING POSITIONED FOR BEING A CLONE!

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