Friday, July 10, 2009


When I was a child - I was often told that certain things I could do only after I grew up. AND there were others who also told the same thing - in many different ways. For a time I accepted their verdict but as I grew up I saw the `bluff'. I started seeing people who had not accepted this verdict and gone ahead and did what they wanted to do.

Slowly and steadily I made my own rules. Roads go up the hill and a bus can take you there. But I preferred to climb the hills through my own way. The more difficult the way the tastier the climb. It became a habit. Climbing tall buildings via staircase.
Doing things I wanted to do - when I wanted to do. The non-conformist in me became more and more focussed. What others did - I refused to do - I made my own DO IT list and that included a clause `DONOT DO WHAT OTHERS DO'.

I wanted to write this - I COULDNOT WAIT - I WROTE IT NOW!

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